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Offering you direct access 24/7 to our Premium Hand Rolled Boutique Cigar Factory.

We dedicate ourselves to offering you unique and exotic blends using only Premium First Pick Tobacco from all over the Free World.
We only use long leaf filler to build our cigars. We can build to order just for you. 
We never fumigate our cigars with toxic chemicals. 
You can really taste the difference! 
We guarantee you will be shipped fresh hand rolled cigars that are made according to the stiffest production standards in the industry.  

We make over 40 unique blends from Super-Smooth to Mega-Full Bodied.
Plese call the store Toll Free 877-543-5013 for special sale emails received.
The online store is not updated for the email sale events.

Welcome to Cigar Nirvana...Taste the Difference!
Long Ashes to You from all of us at The House of Cigars!

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