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On this very table pictured here, our Master Roller artfully creates an amazing variety of over 42 unique blends by hand for your smoking pleasure.

We build from Super-smooth to Full Bodied Cigars and Beyond - pushing the boundaries of "What is possible" in the world of cigars and breaking the rules by combining our Premium  Tobacco stock in unusual ways. We stock 19 different types of tobacco leaves, 4 different wrapper leaves, and 2 types of binder leaf  from all over the Free World; mixing and matching them together in unique, unusual combinations to achieve our amazing array of blends.

We have learned that if you change one leaf in a blend, be it wrapper, binder, or filler, it can take the cigar in a whole new flavor way. For example, a blend in Connnecticut Shade can be classified as Mild, but when presented in Ecuador Oscuro, it may jump up into the Medium Body category. If you cannot find a blend you are looking for and you know the name, the Sitemap at the bottom of the page is a helpful index to find your blend fast.
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