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The House of Cigars Factory is currently the only federally licensed Premium Cigar Factory in the state of Texas. We dedicate ourselves to producing premium hand rolled cigars that rival any cigar available in the market today...from anywhere!
  • The Latin Quarter House of Cigars, Florida is now the House of Cigars Factory, Dallas, TX.

  • We are unique...a special place in the cigar world where you have direct access to fresh, carefully hand crafted cigars that are preserved organically  to enhance the flavorful oils in our Premium First Pick Tobacco leaves imported from all over the Free World.
  • Our State of The Art walk-in Humidor and Curing Vault is second to none in the industry. A fresh cigar free of chemical preservatives means incomparable aroma and unparalleled flavor because the oils in the leaves are still bursting forth with potent character...not the bitter, metallic aftertaste of fumigation. The burn in your throat, the acid reflux when smoking and "cigar mouth in the morning" are all effects of smoking toxic chemicals...not from smoking "strong tobacco".
  • No two blends taste the same either! All our blends incorporate a perfect balance of flavors that showcase the character of the tobacco leafs and country origin.We proudly carry over 19 different strains of Premium, First Pick Filler Tobacco leaves, 2 distinct binder leaves, and 5 of the best wrapper leaves available to the market- shipped directly to us from the growers in Ecuador, Santo Domingo, Nicaragua, Honduras, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, and Puerto Rico.
  • We carry a 100% Guarantee that your cigar was built correctly. If you ever experience a problem with your cigar, all you need to do is let us know and we will replace your questions asked! Our Master Roller, Addit Brito, brings with him the time honored tradition of the "Old School" Cuban technique  wherein each filler leaf is tubed and then bound together in order to ensure an excellent draw. It takes longer to make cigars this way, but it practically guarantees a great draw every time! 
  • This concept of smoking fresh cigars is deeply rooted in the Latin tradition. And we are proud to be one of a handful of factories that bring this dedication to authenticity to the forefront once again. Although you may choose to cure our cigars longer in your own humidor, we say "go ahead and smoke them". We will be happy to make you some more!" 
  • We are in constant pursuit of perfection every day and invite you to taste the difference our focus on quality of quantity makes! 
House of Cigars- Master Roller at work:
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