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Boricua - Puerto Rican Wrapper

Price: Starting at $350.00 a Box
Manufacturer: LQ House of Cigars
Full Body: Full Body

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El Boricua - An Exotic 5 leaf blend featuring filler leaves from Santo Domingo (2 unique strains), Columbia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.

This stellar smoke is built to compliment and showcase this most wonderful wrapper from Puerto Rico.  It carries the strength necessary to stand up to this mega-flavorful wrapper without over-riding the beautiful play of nutty, leathery tones intermingled with low spice notes that sit solidly on the tongue.

We find that this is a very hard smoke to put down! It pairs beautifully with scotch and also holds it's own with a nice clold glass of water.

Smoke 'em while we have them...this wrapper is Stellar and it has been almost 3 years since we have been able to source it out again...

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