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Chango - Ecuador Oscuro Double Wrapped - Custom Order

Price: Starting at $600.00 a Box
Manufacturer: LQ House of Cigars
Full Body: Full Body
Save 1$ a cigar when you buy a box of 25 !

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Exotic "Smokes like a Medium...hits you like a Full Body"- Featuring leaves from Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua &
Special Secret Double Wrap Treatment
 The Chango was a special inspiration on the part of our Master Blender and is a very unique smoke indeed! While most of our Exotic Blends fall easily into the Full Body range, this blend is a superb example of a cigar that presents as a Medium Body to the palate and hits you like a Mega Full Body by the time you have finished it!  Incorporating a delicious and hard-to-find filler leaf from Peru, it is rich and very flavorful…and creamy in the extreme!  This blend presents smooth, harmonized flavors of cream and caramel to the palate. Then it develops a momentum of flavor that takes on a life of its own and what was mellow now becomes unbelievably rich! This cigar is super slow burning, taking its own time to bloom into an unforgettable smoking experience. Only produced in a Robusto, this cigar averages a 3 hour smoke kidding! Just remember to bring along a Designated Driver if you smoke this one out and about because this cigar will sit you down and take you to your happy place! 
A “MUST SMOKE” in our Humidor! *Nicole's (Owner) Personal Top Pick for Favorite Party Cigar!


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