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El Taino - Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper

Price: Starting at $306.25 a Box
Manufacturer: LQ House of Cigars
Medium Body: Medium Body

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Medium - Full Body Blend - Earthy, Woody, Leathery - Featuring a 4 leaf blend of leaves from Columbia, Honduras (2 unique strains), & Nicaragua.
This blend pays homage to the Native Indians of Puerto Rico. The Taino Indians were a highly refined race and this blend reflects their respect for the earth and the bounty that can be brought forth from it.

The Taino is a deep, rich blend that presents on the palate with earthy, woody, & leathery notes complimented by deep spicy undertones that are the Hallmark of "Old School Blending" from the Islands.
Featured here in our Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper, the spicy walnut tones of the fill are enhanced. This wrapper in particular underscores the richness & depth of the fill.

We recommend you try this combination of filler and wrapper!
  You will be amazed by the earthy flavors achieved in this wonderful Island Style blend taking you back to a time when the Indians lived in harmony with the land around them and bringing your smoking experience right up to the edge of a Full Bodied smoke.

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