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H2 Perfecto - Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper

Price: Starting at $253.75 a Box
Manufacturer: LQ House of Cigars
Medium Body: Medium Body
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Medium Body Blend - Cocoa / Creamy & Very Aromatic - Featuring a 4 leaf fill with leaves from Nicaragua, Santo Domingo, Ecuador, & Columbia.

This blend takes the concept of rich, creamy, aromatic smokes to the Next Level of cigar smoking Nirvana!

The H2 Perfecto was specifically created to showcase the Habano leaf.  This particular strain of tobacco is prized for its remarkable cocoa tones. Once only grown only in Cuba, the Habano plant has now been successfully cultivated in Nicaragua as well. Lucky for us all!
This blend is thoroughly enjoyable for smoker and those nearby alike.This blend carries such an enticing aroma. Don't be surprised if you are stopped by a stranger who is drawn to talk to you about this cigar! It happens to us and our clients all the time.
We also agree that this leaf makes for a most beautiful, aromatic smoke! The rich undertones of the earthy, cocoa character are a joy to the tongue and the creamy smoothness is a perfect compliment to showcase the chocolaty tones of this blend. This is also a beautiful example of Cuban Style blending that celebrates the creamy, smooth & rich side of cigar making rather than spiciness.
The H2 Perfecto is Mr. Ed DuPont's personal favorite blend and he enjoyed them so much, we were honored with the award of "Best Hand Rolled Cigar in Tampa Bay 2009" by the DuPont Registry Luxury Living.

  When enjoyed in our earthy, walnut toned Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper, this cigar presents a deeper spicier smoke with enhanced earth tones. This is a very, very relaxing cigar.

Note of  interest: Pairs beautifully with spicier red wines like Shiraz and Malbec and is a stellar partner to an aged port!

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