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Hand-Rolled Cigars from Dallas, Texas

You’ve just entered cigar nirvana, the House of Cigars in Dallas, Texas, is our house and it’s where you really can get hand rolled cigars built the way you want them. Our cigar artisans bring you unique and exotic blends using only premium, first-pick tobacco from all over the free world.
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Long leaf is the only filler we use to build our retail cigars and we make your order just for you. Our cigars are never fumigated with toxic chemicals and you can taste the difference. In fact, we guarantee you are shipped fresh, hand-rolled cigars made according to strictest production standards in the industry.

We make over 40 unique blends from super-smooth to mega-full bodied, you’ll receive the best hand-rolled cigars and quality in this country.

We are dedicated to creating fresh, organically preserved cigars, our storage, aging room, and walk-in-humidor are state-of-the-art buildings incorporating top-of-the-line technology to maintain the perfect balance of temperature and humidity.

Over 30 Unique Blends
Our pristine stock is from an environment that never fumigates with pesticides, which is a cigar industry norm. From our family to yours—taste the difference with organically preserved cigars make.

We are dedicated to manufacturing in small batches incorporating both native and imported Cuban-seed tobacco strains from virtually every country in the free world.

A Tradition in Fine Cigars

Our story follows one son named Luis Pio. Don Luis dedicated himself to following in his father's footsteps, ultimately earning a degree from the highly respected Colegio de Agricultura y Artes Mecanicas (A&M) in Mayaguez, our micro boutique micro-factory, retail, and distributorship reflects our pedigree through its dedication to providing you with the highest quality cigars available.

Contact our cigar makers through our online store, we give you direct access 24/7 to our
premium hand-rolled boutique cigar factory and smoking lounge.



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