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La Loca - Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper

Price: Starting at $665.00 a Box
Manufacturer: LQ House of Cigars
Medium Body: Medium Body

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Exotic Medium Body - Kalidescopic - Featuring a 5 leaf fill from Ecuador, Nicaragua, Santo Domingo, Columbia, & Mexico!!!

Early one morning, our Master Blender, Willie, came bursting in to the Factory with great excitement. He ran over to our Master Roller with great urgency to tell him about a dream he had. In the dream, he was smoking a cigar with his grandfather deep within vast fields of maturing tobacco. For Willie, it was a beautiful magical dream moment…two Master Blenders in the same family line collaborating together to analyze this unique, unknown blend with the animation and expertise of those who truly love their craft. Suddenly, Willie woke up with the taste of that cigar on his lips and a burning need to build one immediately. Our Master Roller listened in interest to the list of all the tobaccos needed to create this filler and his eyes grew big as saucers!!! He told Willie he was crazy!!! There were too many tobaccos in the fill…this kind of blending was just not done!!! Willie stood there and said, “Build it anyway.“ with great conviction...and the La Loca was born!

This “Crazy Blend" breaks all the rules in tobacco blending! (According to all the "Experts in the Industry" this kind of blending is not possible.)

 Incorporating 5 different leaves from 5 different countries in the fill, Willie has created a sophisticated smoke that is deliciously rich, amazingly full-flavored, and strikingly aromatic. By integrating such a great variety of filler leaves in this blend, this smoke offers unparalleled complexity for the palette to contemplate. It is a kaleidoscopic journey of flavors as each unique filler leaf flavor comes forward on the tongue, presents itself, and then blends back into the background body of the cigar.

Smoke one and you’ll go "Crazy" for this blend too!
This is a Signature Hallmark blend that we consider to be a MUST SMOKE for any cigar aficianado. Just do the math...this cigar carries 9 different tobacco leaves in it when you count filler, binder and wrapper.

We know of no other factory that offers you such a thing.!   Shake your fists with us at the "Rules" as you smoke your "Impossible" cigar!

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