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   Retail Cigars, Smoking Lounge in Dallas, Texas

House of Cigars is the one and only gourmet, boutique cigar factory in the Dallas, Texas, area providing a smoking lounge with hand-rolled retail cigars. Dedicated master cigar rollers produce premium hand-rolled cigars that rival any cigar available in the market today.

You will enjoy cigars free of chemical preservatives that give you incomparable aroma and unparalleled flavor because the oils in the leaves are still bursting forth with potent character—not the bitter, metallic aftertaste of fumigation.

Smoking Lounge
When you step into our upscale casual-elegant cigar lounge, you enter a comfortable, clean, modern space. Whether you have a business meeting during the day or just want to stop by for an evening with your friends to enjoy a fine cigar from our humidor, this room is built for you.

Cigar Factory
Our master blender carries his passion and palette for cigar making into the 21st century. He comes from a long heritage of cigar production on the side of his great grandfather Ramon and his son, Luis. They owned and operated a sizable tobacco plantation in Puerto Rico during the turn of the Century.

Both men, revered for their fine tobacco farms and extremely sophisticated palettes, passed this ability to detect subtle nuances of flavor and apply it in blending tobacco to their great grandson, Ramon "Willie" Martinez.

Creating fresh, organically preserved cigars starts with our pristine humidor constructed to enhance and augment flavorful oils carried within premium 1st pick tobacco. Our storage, aging room, and walk-in-humidor incorporate technology to maintain a balance of temperature and humidity.

Master Rollers
Our master-roller staff employs special Cuban techniques to ensure a superior draw. They build every size and shape of cigar and create blends infinitely more complex than what is mass produced. To offer you this level of excellence, all of our rollers graduated from respected cigar factories in Cuba.

House of Cigars Owners, Retail Cigars in Dallas, Texas

Contact us today to order your organic cigars rolled by master cigar rollers.
Hand-Rolled Cigars, Retail Cigars in Dallas, Texas
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