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Shipping you fresh cigars FAST!

Our standard shipping method uses the US Postal Service Priority Mail 2-3 Day Ground Service.
We can ship to your Home, Business, P.O. Box, *APO Address and *DPO Address.
  • All packages are mailed fully insured and with tracking numbers.
  • You will receive a Shipment Confirmation email from us to let you know your order is on the way, when to expect it, and your USPS tracking number.
  • (* APO & DPO shipments usually take about 12 days from us to you.)
  • For Domestic Shipments, you can track your package online anytime by going to and entering your tracking number.
If you do not receive your order within the expected delivery window or your package is damaged, please notify us immediately
via email or by phone!

We will address your individual situation personally on a case by case basis.
  • We do not currently ship outside of the United States. Please contact us directly via email or telephone for International Orders.
  • Please contact us directly if you prefer to make other shipping arrangements. Overnight deliverys require hands-on attention! Extra charges may apply.
  • Holiday Shipments have special delivery restrictions.You will be advised accordingly.
Please keep in mind that we are a Boutique Micro Factory, and that every cigar is painstakingly built for you by hand. There is nothing about a fine cigar that is in a cannot rush excellence! If we have your order in stock, we will expedite your shipment immediately. If we need to build your order for you, we will integrate you into the work load and provide you with a time frame for production & delivery. Special Orders will take more time to manufacture for you...that's why we call them Special Orders.

We are as Green as we can be!
  • The box your cigars are shipped in is made of Spanish Cedar - a renewable resource which is ideal for preserving the purity of your cigars.
  • We recycle old editions of our local newspapers for packing material...and sometimes we re-use our cardbord boxes too!
  • We carefully nestle your cigars in the extra Wrapper Leaf  left over when making your order. This helps us mantain the relative humidity inside the box during shipment and it looks fantastic! (Did you know that other factories consider the extra wrapper bits to be trash and just throw it away?)
  • When you break the shrink wrap seal and move your cigars to your humidor, we suggest you recycle this tobacco in your garden or lawn. Our tobacco makes excellent organic mulch - it is a natural bug repellent and adds acidity to your soil which is much appreciated by Palm Trees, Rose Bushes, Fruit Trees, Hydrangea, Azaleas, & more! (You can also break up the "butt" of your cigar and mulch that too!) Check with your local nursery to find out more plant varieties that thrive on higher acidity levels...many flowering plants do not trhive in acidic environmentsl.... 
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