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Bossanova - Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper

Price: Starting at $271.25 a Box
Manufacturer: LQ House of Cigars

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Exotic Medium Body Blend - Deep and Rich and Spicy - A 5 leaf blend featuring leaves from Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, & 2 unique strains from Santo Domingo.

The Bossanova is the beginning of our Exotic "Musical Series" and a perfect place to begin exploring our Hallmark line of cigars that are way out of the norm. In order to qualify as an Exotic in our House, the cigar must incorporate 5 or more filler leaves, feature unique and unusual combinations of rare and hard to find plant strains, and they are definately more impactful than your average Full Bodied smoke.

This particular gem is a flavorful combination of deep rich low tones with an undercurrent of spiciness. Featuring a It is a hearty smoke that is sure to satisfy.   

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