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The Boss - Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper

Price: Starting at $253.75 a Box
Manufacturer: LQ House of Cigars
Full Body: Full Body

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Medium Body Blend - Spicy - A 4 leaf blend featuring leaves from Honduras, Nicaragua, & 2 unique strains from Santo Domingo.

This blend is also known at the House of Cigars as "Cacique" -  a Taino Indian word for Chief or Boss in the factory.

It certainly is "The Boss" in our Humidor...and has been since it's inception in our first year of operations. This blend reflects the successful collaboration of our Master Roller Sr. Vieyto  & our Master Blender Sr. Martinez. It was their mission to create a blend  that embodies the characteristics a great leader is  bold and confident, but not overbearing. It is a solid medium body of noteworthy character with spice but no bitterness.

This blend is everything you would want to find in an Old School Cuban Style Medium Body blend. It is a hearty smoke...and yet still leaves you with a clean palette.

The Boss has quickly become a favorite of our more experienced smokers and we often recommend this blend for those who want to impress their boss with a fine smoke. 

When paired with the walnut toned, spicy Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper, this fill moves up in flavor range to a Full Body cigar. This Boss is a different kind of leader - one to take you with confidence through the to lead confidently the next who boldly goes first into uncharted territory. This Boss  is your after-dinner  deal closer. Finish with this smoke and you will want for nothing more. It is rich, complex, deep, and flavorful.

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