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G Man - Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper

Price: Starting at $270.00 a Box
Manufacturer: LQ House of Cigars
Medium Body: Medium Body

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Full Body Blend - Spicy & Well Balanced - Featuring a 4 leaf fill with leaves from Ecuador, Santo Domingo (2 unique strains), & Columbia

We created this blend originally for a Custom Christmas Gift Box Project we received the very first year we opened our business.  Our mission was to compliment the sophisticated tones found in the Johnny Walker Blue Label Scotch Whiskey that was also included in the Gift Boxes we were putting together. Their special reserve blend features only the rarest and finest hops which have been carefully aged to develop rich, deep flavor.We blended four stellar tobaccos in this fill  to achieve a cigar with strength, body and character that fills the palette with depth and zing...yet is well balanced and harmonized...just like the Scotch it was to be paired with.

As we were putting together this huge order, we started smoking the cigars too...and we loved them so much...and we smoked so many of them that we ended up having to make more to fill the order! At that point it was mid-November and we were feeling festive and sharing this new blend with all of our VIPs that came by. By unanimous vote, we added this blend to our House line and debuted it for the Holidays.

It is named The G Man in honor of our first cigar roller, Gustavo. He worked so very hard that first year and we are forever grateful for his dedication to helping us realize our dream of producing superb premium hand rolled cigars in house.

The heartiness of this blend is deepened when paired with our walnut toned, spicy Ecuador Oscuro Wrapper and is a great smoke with any beverage you choose to pair it with - alcoholic or not!

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